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AER - For Aero

ALF - For AeroLink Flight

ACF - For Australian Charter Flight

Aero - AeroAustral

Aero-speed - AeroAustral (alt)

AEROCHARTER: Only use aircraft rego. (explained below, also use flight number)

speedflight - AeroLink. AeroLink may also just have Aircraft rego.

HOW TO DECIDE A CALLSIGN (aircraft rego) - e-mail CEO with your callsign after you sign up with your sim name.

You will need the AER, ALF or ACF depending on your branch then you need 3 numbers. eg. ACF410.

Your country callsign. Depending on where the aircraft is based, it will have either 2 letters (VH) 1 letter (G) or 1 blank letter (N). Australian hub aircraft will need VH-, NZ is ZK- the UK is G- the US N and Singapore SV-. Australian, NZ and Singapore callsigns will have 3 letters after the -. UK will have 4. In the US you have N000AF (replace 000 with your flight number if 3 letters. if not just use your 3 AER numbers).